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DarkWave Studio v2.9.3 Released

Date: 18th August 2009

ExperimentalScene has released what has to be considered the most high performance, polished and stable version of it's Digital Audio Workstation DarkWave Studio.

The developer of DarkWave Studio, Daniel Werner, has been working hard since v2.9.0 to make v2.9.3 of DarkWave Studio contain the following improvements:

  • License Terms Changed To ExperimentalScene Freeware License
  • Fixed A Bug That Stopped The Slider In The Audio Options Setting The Latency
  • Changed Appearance Of Visual PlugIns
  • Vastly Improved Drawing Speed Of Visual PlugIns (Applies To VST Versions Too)
  • 64 Bit Double Precision Floating Point Audio Processing (For Studio, Bundled PlugIns and Supported VST 2.4 PlugIns)
  • Fixed A Bug Causing VST PlugIn Settings Not To Save
  • Fixed A Display Bug With VST PlugIns With No Name For Default Preset

The most important change is the use of 64-bit double precision floating point audio data throughout DarkWave Studio and it's associated instrument and effect plugins. 64-bit audio processing greatly improves the quality of synthesized and processed digital audio. To enable this without a performance hit DarkWave Studio uses Intel's SSE2 technology to quickly mix audio blocks - not just used by the studio, but between the numerous digital signal processing blocks inside each instrument and effect.

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