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DarkWave Studio v2.9.6 Released

Date: 22nd August 2009

Massive improvement on the sequencer front. I had no idea it was so shoddy.

Changes in v2.9.6
  • Removed some huge nasties from the sequencer back-end. It was sustaining notes for the wrong length of time, and not always sending a note-off message. You may find your projects are not quite right now, you may need to change them as existing projects will often have been playing the wrong way so they are probably sequenced the wrong way to make up for the bugs.
  • Removed all the existing sample projects (Sample 1 - Sample 5). Added a single new sample project - 'Chemistry 101'.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the program to crash when clicking the remove button in the VST Paths Options Dialog: when there were no paths left, it would crash.

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