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DarkWave Studio v3.0.7 Released

Date: 6th September 2010

Version 3.0.7 of DarkWave Studio introduces a Copy & Paste feature for Notes in the Pattern Editor.

To use this feature you need to switch from Edit Mode which is indicated by the Pencil icon on the toolbar above the pattern editor's view of the notes. Click the Box (Select Mode) toolbar button and then left-click and drag to select a rectangular area of notes. You can adjust the borders of the selection area afterwards by hovering the mouse on any four edges of the area you have selected and left-clicking and dragging. The mouse pointer will change when you have placed the mouse on an edge to indicate that you can move it. To copy notes, after you have selected a range of notes with the Select Tool, right-click and a menu with options including Copy And Paste will appear. To get out of select mode click the Pencil (Edit Mode) toolbar button.

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