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DarkWave Studio v5.9.0 Released

Date: 17th September 2019

Changes in v5.9.0 of DarkWave Studio:

  • Added a 'VST cache' feature to remember VST plugin details when they are scanned for the first time during startup. Next time DarkWave Studio is launched it does not need to load existing VST plugins recorded in the cache, drastically reducing the time the program takes to start when there are a lot of VST plugins to load.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between ASIO4ALL 2.14 and DarkWave Studio on Windows 10.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with SynthEdit plugins packed with UPX and DarkWave Studio.
  • Fixed a program hang when using certain plugins as the VST host was not re-entrant and would hang when the user used the plugin GUI.
  • Changed the audio output code to become idle when doing lengthy operations like loading, saving and clearing the project. This helps prevent the audio output to start stuttering when using DirectSound.

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