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February 7, 2019DarkWave Studio v5.8.0 Released
January 2, 2019DarkWave Studio v5.7.9 Released
August 15, 2018DarkWave Studio v5.7.7 Released
July 8, 2018DarkWave Studio v5.7.6 Released
February 28, 2018DarkWave Studio v5.7.4 Released
August 24, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.7.3 Released
July 7, 2017DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.7.2 Released
June 19, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.7.1 Released
May 26, 2017DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.7.0 Released
April 20, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.6.5 Released
March 8, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.6.4 Released
March 8, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.6.3 Released
January 4, 2017DarkWave Studio v5.6.2 Released
December 8, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.6.1 Released
December 8, 2016DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.6.0 Released
November 9, 2016DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.5.9 Released
October 9, 2016DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.5.8 Released
September 28, 2016DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.5.7 Released
September 1, 2016DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v5.5.6 Released
July 15, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.5 Released
July 11, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.4 Released
July 7, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.3 Released
May 29, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.2 Released
April 25, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.1 Released
March 31, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.5.0 Released
February 21, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.4.2 Released
February 21, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.4.1 Released
February 5, 2016DarkWave Studio v5.4.0 Released
December 31, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.3.0 Released
December 25, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.2.0 Released
December 9, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.1.2 Released
November 24, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.1.1 Released
November 12, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.1.0 Released
October 28, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.0.2 Released
October 21, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.0.1 Released
October 20, 2015DarkWave Studio v5.0.0 Released
October 10, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.8 Released
October 8, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.7 Released
September 30, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.6 Released
September 8, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.5 Released
September 2, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.4 Released
August 28, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.3 Released
August 21, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.2 Released
August 19, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.1 Released
August 8, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.9.0 Released
August 6, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.9 Released
July 21, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.8 Released
July 16, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.7 Released
July 16, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.6 Released
July 14, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.5 Released
July 13, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.4 Released
July 12, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.3 Released
July 5, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.2 Released
June 30, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.1 Released
June 27, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.8.0 Released
June 17, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.7.0 Released
June 15, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.7 Released
April 2, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.6 Released
March 20, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.5 Released
March 19, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.4 Released
March 4, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.3 Released
February 28, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.2 Released
February 24, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.1 Released
February 21, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.6.0 Released
January 15, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.5.2 Released
January 9, 2015DarkWave Studio v4.5.1 Released
October 27, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.5.0 Released
October 16, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.4.3 Released
September 17, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.4.2 Released
September 10, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.4.1 Released
September 5, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.4.0 Released
August 23, 2014DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v4.3.9 Released
August 20, 2014DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v4.3.8 Released
June 9, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.7 Released
June 8, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.6 Released
June 6, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.5 Released
June 2, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.4 Released
June 1, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.3 Released
May 2, 2014DarkWave Studio v4.3.2 Released
February 22, 2014DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v4.3.0 Released
October 27, 2013DarkWave Studio v4.2.0 Released
August 31, 2013DarkWave Studio v4.1.9 Released
August 21, 2013DarkWave Studio v4.1.8 Released
April 10, 2013DarkWave Studio v4.1.7 Released
December 16, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.6 Released
December 14, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.5 Released
December 10, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.4 Released
December 6, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.3 Released
December 6, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.2 Released
November 14, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.1 Released
November 2, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.1.0 Released
October 3, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.9 Released
September 30, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.8 Released
September 21, 2012DarkWave Studio And ES DGenR8 v4.0.7 Released
August 31, 2012DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v4.0.6 Released
August 20, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.5 Released
August 1, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.4 Released
July 30, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.3 Released
July 30, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.2 Released
July 12, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.1 Released
June 27, 2012DarkWave Studio v4.0.0 Released
June 13, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.7 Released
June 8, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.6 Released
June 8, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.5 Released
June 7, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.4 Released
June 1, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.3 Released
May 30, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.2 Released
May 11, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.1 Released
April 19, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.9.0 Released
April 12, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.8.9 Released
April 8, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.8.8 Released
February 2, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.8.7 Released
January 13, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.8.6 Released
January 3, 2012DarkWave Studio v3.8.5 Released
December 30, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.8.4 Released
December 16, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.8.3 Released
December 16, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.8.2 Released
December 9, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.8.1 Released
November 28, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.8.0 Released
November 18, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.9 Released
October 25, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.8 Released
October 23, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.7 Released
October 21, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.6 Released
October 20, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.5 Released
October 13, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.4 Released
October 12, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.3 Released
October 7, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.2 Released
October 1, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.1 Released
September 28, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.7.0 Released
September 21, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.9 Released
September 20, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.8 Released
September 8, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.7 Released
September 4, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.6 Released
August 27, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.5 Released
August 25, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.4 Released
August 16, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.3 Released
August 5, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.2 Released
July 8, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.1 Released
July 2, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.6.0 Released
June 15, 2011SpatialVerb VST v3.5.7 Released
June 6, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.7 Released
June 1, 2011DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v3.5.6 Released
May 28, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.5 Released
May 25, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.4 Released
May 24, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.3 Released
May 3, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.2 Released
April 29, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.5.1 Released
April 25, 2011DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v3.5.0 Released
April 16, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.4.3 Released
April 15, 2011DarkWave Studio And VST PlugIns v3.4.2 Released
April 14, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.4.1 Released
April 12, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.4.0 Released
April 8, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.6 Released
April 7, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.5 Released
April 6, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.4 Released
March 28, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.3 Released
March 10, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.2 Released
March 9, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.1 Released
March 3, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.3.0 Released
March 1, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.9 Released
February 16, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.8 Released
January 26, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.7 Released
January 25, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.6 Released
January 23, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.5 Released
January 11, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.4 Released
January 11, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.3 Released
January 1, 2011DarkWave Studio v3.2.2 Released
December 28, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.2.1 Released
December 28, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.2.0 Released
December 15, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.9 Released
December 11, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.8 Released
November 25, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.7 Released
November 17, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.6 Released
November 8, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.5 Released
October 25, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.4 Released
October 17, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.3 Released
October 14, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.2 Released
October 9, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.1 Released
September 25, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.1.0 Released
September 24, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.9 Released
September 22, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.8 Released
September 6, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.7 Released
July 24, 2010AntiAlias VST v2.9.6 Released
July 15, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.6 Released
July 4, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.5 Released
June 22, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.4 Released
June 18, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.3 Released
April 23, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.2 Released
April 3, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.1 Released
February 3, 2010DarkWave Studio v3.0.0 Released
August 29, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.9 Released
August 24, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.8 Released
August 22, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.7 Released
August 22, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.6 Released
August 21, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.5 Released
August 20, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.4 Released
August 18, 2009DarkWave Studio v2.9.3 Released

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